Collecting and Valuing Vintage Wrist Watches


Time items have down the ages at all times been appreciated, valued, and picked up. It was solely in direction of the final years of the 19th century that wristwatches happened. The manufacturing of the early 20th century to about 1940 noticed the manufactured items as very primary however there have been some that had been producing that broke the mold and a few chronographs, repeaters, break up second timers and others with complication had been produced. These had been of very prime quality and uncommon and so fetch excessive costs at public sale.

The published World Struggle II noticed two crucial improvements come about, particularly the Gyromax stability and the Planetary Self Winding Rotor. From about 1950 all of those improvements had been integrated into an upsurge of manufacturing and it’s this space in time that grew to become of curiosity to the collector from about 1980 onwards.


The realm of gathering the wristwatch is pretty properly outlined and is fairly straightforward to observe, so usually, there are not any surprises in case you have the pockets. After all, there are anomalies within the area the place a bit breaks the format and worth may be fully out of line. If the maker is the very best and that piece particular and uncommon then the watch may be termed ” Essential” and costs can go properly into six figures.

Factors for the collector

* The maker: an individual or a manufacturing facility

* Materials of manufacture: chrome nickel, chrome steel, silver, gold, platinum.

* Model: elegant and fascinating, new and uncommon.

* Diploma of innovation and complication integrated.

* Rarity of innovation and complication integrated.

* Particular manufacturing for a particular occasion or royalty

Examples of what’s particular for the collector could be repeaters [ watches that chime ], chronographs and break up second timers [stop watch function], calendar, moon section, and sidereal perform. The form can be thought of and weird case shapes with supplies collectively are evaluated. Curved casing,sq. and rectangular properly styled instances in 18-carat gold or platinum are prime of the checklist. Silver shouldn’t be an ideal collector’s material and in reality, chrome steel would is most well-liked right here.

The engineering high quality and complication of the mechanism is the center of the matter and if that individual watch and manufacturing facility was chargeable for that innovation the worth would have a premium. For instance, the Cartier Drivers watch has a “curved motion”. Patek Phillipe mechanisms are internal of top of the range end This will get huge bonus worth. Situation and restoration accomplished to the mechanism is vital. Watches timed for extra positions have extra worth.

Makers resembling Patek Phillipe, Vacheron, Common, Cartier, and Audemars Piguet are a number of the most well-known names and are most type after.


By handing the items and chatting with the collector and a few sellers along with analysis one ought to turn into an authority and so know whether or not the piece is “proper”. That’s whether or not it’s pretending, been badly repaired or the situation shouldn’t be acceptable. Likewise, one must be awake to its potential resembling significance via rarity and high quality and be ready to maneuver rapidly. Good items do not wait long for consumers.

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