European Human Hair Wig – How Much Does It Really Cost?

I’m certain you will have puzzled what the reality is concerning the costs of wigs constituted of European human hair. From store to buy you can find an enormous variation in costs, wherever from 300 USD to as excessive as 10.000 USD (!). So let me take you thru every step of the method of manufacturing prime quality handmade wigs, and present the actual prices.

Firstly, take the acquisition of hair. The price of hair for one wig (zero,2 – zero,four kg) varies from 30 to 40 USD all through most Jap European nations. There’s little variation there, however an necessary extra price is incurred by high-quality wig-makers who acquire hair in an applicable and well-controlled means. The perfect wig-makers go to hairdressers and take care of the hair themselves, utilizing no intermediary. They don’t purchase hair from wholesalers as a result of wholesalers mix hair, as a result of it’s so time-consuming to accumulate actually good hair.

One merely has to discover a woman amongst hairdresser’s shoppers that has stunning, wholesome hair and who needs it minimize. The hairdresser can supply a free service to such a lady and really pay her for her hair – and clearly either side profit from such a transaction. However this exhibits that, by its very nature, acquisition of good-quality hair can’t be a easy large-scale automated course of. That explains why outdoors of Jap Europe the value of buying good high quality hair is skyrocketing – not as a result of the hair in itself is dear, however due to its rarity. It’s tough to think about a large-scale low-cost strategy of buying prime quality human hair in European nations.

Second, take the opposite supplies utilized in making wigs. These will not be costly and their prices don’t exceed 50 USD for a typical wig. These are the supplies used to provide a cap. An increasing number of wig-makers are actually shopping for ready-made caps, so known as “monofilament”, that are gaining reputation and their price just isn’t very excessive.

Third, take the labor concerned in making prime quality handmade wigs. That is the primary price issue. Handmade wig wants a minimum of every week to be produced by an skilled knowledgeable employee. It takes every week of laborious work, with every hair being knitted to the cap with a really small crochet-needle or glued with a particular glue. Within the case of lengthy hair, the manufacturing time might be two to a few weeks. Dependable wig-makers knit hair with a double-knot which makes the development rather more sturdy however wants some further work-time. Relying on the kind of human hair wigs with highlights, size of hair and kind of cap the price of labor is from 150 to 300 USD.

Lastly, you can not overlook different typical enterprise prices like funding’s amortization, administration prices, taxes, insurances, hire, and revenue. Altogether, the value of a hand-crafted human hair wig constituted of European hair can’t be decrease than 500-600 USD even for the shortest hair. There isn’t a higher restrict and it solely is determined by how a lot a buyer is prepared to pay, however earlier than you pay 1000 USD or extra in your wig bear in mind the actual prices of its creation.

And now for an actual thriller. Why are European human hair wigs not made in China the place labor prices are a lot decrease than in Poland, Russia, or the Czech Republic? The primary motive isn’t any good high quality European human hair obtainable in massive sufficient portions to make worthwhile large-scale manufacturing in China potential. It’s because wig-makers in Jap European nations are shopping for all the obtainable hair for their very own manufacturing. Shocking? — however that’s how it’s. And that’s the reason most of wigs produced in China are manufactured from Asian hair or blended hair extensively obtainable on a wholesale market.


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