Wedding Photography Trends for the Current Year

Wedding photography is an ever-evolving art form that continues to embrace new styles and techniques. As we enter the current year, there are several exciting trends in wedding photography that couples and photographers alike are eager to explore. These trends are redefining the way we capture and celebrate love stories. If you’re planning a wedding or working as a wedding photographer, here are some of the latest trends to watch for in wedding photography:

1. Elopements and Micro-Weddings: The global pandemic has led to a rise in intimate wedding photographers oahu and elopements. Couples are opting for smaller, more personal gatherings, which provide opportunities for photographers to capture the genuine emotions of these intimate moments.

2. Documentary and Photojournalistic Styles: Couples are increasingly drawn to storytelling in their wedding photos. Photojournalistic and documentary styles are gaining popularity, focusing on candid shots that tell the narrative of the day. These images capture real, unscripted moments that reflect the couple’s love story.

3. Natural Light Photography: The trend towards using natural light to create soft, ethereal images continues to grow. Many couples are opting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions to take advantage of this trend, resulting in beautiful, sun-kissed photographs.

4. Moody and Cinematic Edits: Moody and cinematic editing styles, characterized by rich, dramatic tones, are gaining popularity. These edits add depth and emotion to wedding photos, creating a cinematic feel that can be especially captivating for couples who appreciate a touch of drama.

5. Drone Photography and Videography: Aerial shots captured by drones are becoming increasingly common. They provide a unique perspective, capturing the entire wedding venue and the surrounding landscape. Drone footage can add a breathtaking dimension to a wedding album or video.

6. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Weddings: As environmental consciousness grows, eco-friendly weddings are on the rise. Couples are choosing eco-conscious venues and décor, and photographers are following suit by adopting sustainable practices in their work.

7. Destination and Adventure Weddings: Couples are seeking unique, breathtaking locations for their weddings, from picturesque mountaintops to exotic beaches. Destination and adventure weddings provide photographers with incredible landscapes and the opportunity to capture couples in adventurous, romantic settings.

8. Inclusivity and Diversity: There is a growing emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in wedding photography. Photographers are increasingly mindful of representing a wide range of love stories, backgrounds, and cultures in their portfolios.

9. Non-Traditional Wedding Attire: Brides and grooms are embracing non-traditional wedding attire, including jumpsuits, colored dresses, and suits. Photographers are adapting to capture these unique fashion choices.

10. Personal Branding Sessions: Some couples are incorporating personal branding sessions into their wedding photography packages. These sessions allow couples to express their personalities, interests, and hobbies, adding a personal touch to their wedding albums.

11. Vintage and Film Photography: Vintage and film-inspired photography styles are making a comeback. The nostalgic look of film photography can add a timeless and romantic quality to wedding photos.

12. Live Streaming and Virtual Coverage: With the continued presence of COVID-19 restrictions, live streaming and virtual coverage have become essential services. Photographers are adapting to provide options for remote guests to witness and celebrate the wedding day.

These wedding photography trends for the current year reflect the evolving tastes and desires of couples in today’s dynamic world. Whether you’re a couple planning your special day or a wedding photographer looking to stay current, these trends offer exciting opportunities to capture the magic and uniqueness of each love story.


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